To gain the best understanding of a client and its culture, Bulls-Eye seeks to meet in person whenever possible. We present candidates who not only meet your experience, performance and educational requirements, but who also possess the personal attributes and working style appropriate for your company.

Bulls-Eye provides both Permanent and Temporary Placement Solutions. All clients benefit from our Consultation and Advisory Services.


Permanent Placement Solution

Retained Services — we invoice our clients for one-third of the candidate?s estimated first year?s salary at each of three junctures to begin the search; when a slate of candidates is selected for presentation; and on the first day a candidate reports to work. A client is also billed for any travel-related expenses incurred in the search.

Contingency Services a fee is due only when a candidate is hired. Our fee is based upon a percentage of the candidate?s negotiated first year salary and payable upon start date.

Temporary Placement Solutions
The professionals we provide usually invoice a client as an independent contractor (1099 basis). We then bill our clients separately based upon a percentage of contractor earnings. We would be open to alternative billing structures more convenient for any given client.


Bulls-Eye has the expertise to place individuals who can achieve strategic goals for an organization. Our clients hire long-term candidates because they place a priority on the stability and depth of impact those candidates provide. Since a permanent hire involves a greater commitment on both sides, we go to great lengths to insure a successful result.

The Bulls-Eye Approach:
1. Client strategy interview
2. Research phase
3. Recruitment phase
4. Client candidate interviews
5. Reference checking
6. Offer and acceptance
7. Post-employment counseling

(For an in-depth description of our search methodology for permanent positions, please request a .pdf file entitled Permanent Placement at Bulls-Eye Search: Our Approach in Detail at


Bulls-Eye has embraced temporary solutions as another valuable service for our clients. We place individuals into positions where expertise is needed for a specified or indefinite period of time. There has been tremendous growth in this sector as companies run leaner and want to hold off on a permanent hire until the business climate changes or corporate benchmarks are reached.


Bulls-Eye advises its clients at no additional charge concerning such issues as position specifications, availability of a specific skill set in the marketplace, salary parameters, and reasonable time expectations for a candidate giving notice from a current employer to start a new job. We keep current information concerning salary differentials from one geographic region to another and average salaries for candidates with specific educational and experience levels.

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